We’re very excited to put up our highly rated Fish Nuggets improv training online for the first time!  Fish Nuggets sessions are designed to give you the basics (and a bit more) for improv from a performance point of view – although they’re just fun and personally enriching experiences regardless of whether you want to get on stage one day or not.

This 101 course is focused on the general principles of improv, and particularly our other-centered approach to improv.  We will do that through exercises and structures, including improv games that we use in our shows, over the course of 6 sessions — each between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Here are a few things for you to know:

Course Expectations
Part of other-centered improv is giving respect and honor to the other people that you are performing/workshopping with.  We try to be very intentional about creating an environment that is and feels safe to all, as this leads to the freest and most fun experience — plus it’s just nice to be with people who will treat each other well.  Being a part of making that happen is an expectation for all and a requirement for participating.

Workshop Pricing
We put a lot of effort in the course design and delivery, but as with everything at Fish Sticks, we are mission minded first.  For that reason, we provided a suggested price for our workshops, but also a pay-what-you-wish option.  Your participation is more important to us than your dollars (or whatever currency you may use where you’re located).  Truly.

When deciding whether to take a scholarship, please be aware that they are not financial-based scholarships.  That’s what the pay-what-you-wish option is for.  Rather, our scholarships are there to reduce any other barrier to participation that might otherwise be there — particularly for BIPOC and other individuals that might not have had as much room to participate in other improv communities or in improv more generally.  We want to share this experience with you and don’t want anything to get in the way of us experiencing improv together.  So if you have any hesitation, please let our scholarship offer get you to take that first step into improv.

We have been impressed with the thoughtfulness of organizations like the Black Improv Alliance on the subject of scholarships.  In that spirit, it is our hope that you might pass our scholarship offer along to others you know that might also benefit from it.  Our desire is for our classes to be as diverse as possible because that leads to a better experience for all and as we see it, better improv, too.  If it’s helpful to you in deciding whether to sign up or pass along this offer to others, know that our desire is that at least a third of each class or better (100% would be great!) would be filled with BIPOC and other individuals that would qualify for our scholarship offer.

What’s After This Class
After this class, you will be ready to jump into our 102 class when it’s put up.  We have decided that our primary delivery of our performance curriculum will be online — even though we do expect that in person shows will be our primary performance offerings in the future.  It presently consists of four levels.  In addition, it is our intention to put up “Drop In” or one-off classes from time to time on specific aspects of improv or skills.  This 101 class will give you a running start on all of those experiences.

It is our hope that we will find future performers (for both online and in person shows) through this process, or at the very least be a part of launching people into improv generally.  If you have questions about this, please let us know.

We hope you can join us for this Fish Nuggets 101 session.  We know it’s going to be a lot of fun, and can’t wait to see you there!

To sign up using the pay-what-you-wish or for scholarships, please click on Fish Nuggets 101 — Improv Workshop – Fish Sticks Comedy.