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This fun, highly-interactive workshop is designed for pastors, ministry leads, teachers, and others who speak in a church or ministry context. We’ll share and experience principles and practices of improvisation that can positively impact your speaking and teaching. There will be a lot of fun along the way, but you’ll leave with practical tools and new perspectives that will increase engagement and connection in whatever communication context you find yourself in.

When and Where

May 16, 2023 at 2pm – 4:30pm at Meadowbrook Church, 1025 N 70th St, Wauwatosa, WI.

How does this improv thing fit for pastors and teachers? And Other Questions

There’s no question that improv is generally done with two or more people – but the principles are relevant to all communication and interpersonal connection. These principles play out not only “on stage,” but also in content creation. So whether you write out your sermons, block out big ideas, wing it or some combination of all that, this workshop will hit home for you.

It’s also not about being funny. While connected communication often leads to laughter (something we’ll talk about in ways you might not have considered before), this is not a workshop that will focus on enhancing your comedic chops. Rather, we want to help you be more effective in your sermons, lessons, etc., and will direct our efforts to that.

Whether you’re a multi-decade Sermonator or just starting out, you’re sure to learn something new. So come yourself, or bring others on your team.

Why Fish Sticks Comedy?

Fish Sticks Comedy is the nation’s largest Christian improv comedy team, with over 25 comedians in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Milwaukee. In addition to performing nearly 2,000 shows since their founding in 2007, they also have done training for charitable organizations to multi-national corporations. Their faith-informed approach to improv – which we call Other-Centered Improv – and ministry mindset has proved impactful in a wide variety of contexts, and lends itself well to this particular workshop.

I’m in. How much?

Thanks to Meadowbrook’s provision of space for us to meet, this workshop is free for pastors, priests, and any other ministry leader who has speaking as a part of what they do! We’d appreciate signing up in advance for planning purposes if you can. Just send an email to info@fishstickscomedy.com to let us know you’re coming.