Hey funny person! Thanks for stopping by to connect with us about the Fish Sticks Atlanta project — the first of its kind for us, and probably for any faith-based improv comedy team. We’ll be organizing a meeting to give more details, but until then, here’s the short version:

Fish Sticks Comedy is the nation’s largest Christian improv comedy team. We don’t just perform for churches or Christian ministries, but it’s a large part of what we do and an important part of what we do. Currently, we have two troupes — one in Milwaukee where we started and one in Dallas. The Dallas troupe had been operating for many years before we joined forces. The “merger” has been good for both the local teams and for the combined, national team.

In the process, we’ve learned some things about how to do improv that much better and how to do ministry that much better. And having additional local teams would have some advantages to us and also advantages to funny people of faith who want to do great (and clean) improv for Kingdom purposes.  And we’re starting with Atlanta!

The idea is to gather and develop a local cast of improvisers.  We will provide the opportunity to learn and develop the craft of comedic improv, our approach to ministering and serving our show hosts and audiences, and develop connections in the local market.  As the local troupe grows, there will be opportunities to integrate into the national team in a number of ways, too.

The hope is that we will have our first local shows in 2019, but will take things at a pace that’s appropriate to the troupe as it comes together.  So, with that said, step one is telling us a bit about yourself: your interest in improv, your experience level, and anything else that you can tell us that will help us get to know you better and more quickly. We anticipate a period of time of training and coaching — so if you’re early on in your improv journey, don’t let that dissuade you from reaching out. And, of course, ask us any questions that you might have! We may save certain answers for our follow-up meeting, etc., but knowing your questions will be very helpful to us in setting the stage for success.

You can reach out to us and provide the requested background info on you using the contact form below or just shoot us an email at atlanta@fishstickscomedy.com.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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