Fish Sticks Comedy is one of the largest, always-all age appropriate improv comedy teams in the US.  Although few improv troupes last more than a few years, and even fewer still continue to grow and progress in what they do, let alone do it during a pandemic — that’s what’s happened within Fish Sticks.  Some of that certainly is attributable to the fun and funny people within our troupe has to do with where we’ve come from (and you can read a bit more about our history, if you wish) – but even more has come from understanding who we are and how we serve.

It starts with our unique approach to improv – something we call “other-centered improv.”  In short, it means that everything we do, on-stage or off, is for someone else first.  It sounds like a little thing, but it has a profound impact on everything we do.  We can promise diva-free experiences because we care more about our event hosts accomplishing their goals than getting a certain amount of prominence in the evening.  You can sit as close to the stage without the worry that some people feel at stand up comedy shows about getting picked on because we care more about the experience of each audience member than getting an easy laugh at someone’s expense or making someone uncomfortable by pulling them onstage.  And because we care more about each other than ourselves, our improv is better, too!  

We’ve also established a unique mission for an improv team — we want to connect people to each other and their communities through improv.  Yes, we will make your audience’s cheeks hurt from laughing, but we are more than entertainment.  We create community experiences.  We connect with our audiences like no other improv troupe, and we connect our audiences to our show hosts and each other in ways that no one else does — in part because that’s not generally their goal. 

The best way to experience Fish Sticks is in person at a show or at a workshop — but the next best way is to reach out and connect with us.  We promise to take good care of you, be creative with respect to helping you accomplish your goals for your upcoming event, and giving you perhaps the most professional experience in dealing with comedians. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about us.  Now we’d love to hear more about you!  Call or contact us and let’s explore how we can partner together to do something really special.