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Fish Sticks is Excited to Announce
the Launch of Fish Sticks Atlanta!

Fish Sticks is growing!  With the addition of a third local troupe in Atlanta, Fish Sticks Comedy now has 26 professional improv comedians nationwide!  With these new funny folks based in Atlanta, Fish Sticks is that much more able to serve business, churches, schools, charities, conferences and more throughout the Southeast!  And our national team is that much stronger too for shows from coast-to-coast.



Get Fish Sticks to Go!

  • Really Funny.

  • Always Positive Humor.

  • Everyone’s Included.

  • Focused on Your Event’s Goals.

  • Easy to Work With.

  • Unique Experience.

  • Flexible.

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Most of our events are fast-paced, improv comedy shows.  Consisting of a series of “games,” our audiences get to see and participate in a variety of made-up-on-the-spot funny scenes and sketches.  Our shows can be tailored to just about any audience or situation, while also being perhaps the best entertainment option for multi-generational or other varied audiences.

We pride ourselves on our unique ability to have our shows and events build community in businesses, churches, communities, schools, trade organizations – basically anywhere that people benefit by deeper connection and sense of belonging is our sweet spot.  While that approach benefits every event we do, we also have some unique formats for community building for the right partners.

Several of the Sticks have been doing improv-based training for well over 10 years – some as many as 30 years.  Businesses, trade organizations, schools, and non-profits have all benefited from our insightful, impactful and just plain fun workshops.  By extending improv principles to other team-based settings, or situations where soft-skills come into play, Fish Sticks workshops can make a big difference in your organization.

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