Fish Sticks Comedy is about sharing life.  We do that through improvisational comedy — which is kind of life on the edge, anyway! We do that by partnering with churches, colleges and schools, businesses and other organizations in arranging shows and workshops.  We do that with other comedians in events like the Christian Comedy Blast.

So what does that mean to you?

  • You will find that we will be very centered on accomplishing your goals, not on our own.
  • We will care very deeply about connecting with your folks in an authentic way.  We invite interaction with our hosts, volunteers that help out, attendees of any age, etc.
  • We will be very inclusive.  We do clean comedy for a variety of reasons, but one reason is that we won’t alienate anyone by dealing with coarse subjects or using “blue language.”
  • You and your audience will note that we care about each other by the way we interact with each other — and that will spill over into the audience experience.
  • We will view ourselves as your representatives for that evening — and we will take that responsibility very, very seriously.  It’s important to us that those who bring us in look good and feel good about bringing us in both before and after the show!
  • We will be creative in finding ways to partner with you.  Whether you have logistical challenges, facility challenges or budgetary challenges — you’ll find that we’ll be as or more creative than anyone else out there.

One other note:  It is critical that the life we share is authentic life.  We identify that as relationship that has Christ at the center.  We are unashamedly a Christian improv group.  That said, we also realize that a lot of how we are to be used is just as a support to folks doing good things.  For instance, while we can and do shows that are evangelistic in nature, most of the time we think our job in outreach-oriented events is to put on a good show and maybe knock down a preconception that someone in attendance may have about Christians not being able to have a good time.  We end up being support for how God maybe using other people in the organization to reach out to folks who are looking for a true relationship and connection to a God who loves them very much.

We also know that our role varies based on the event.  So, for instance, when we do shows for businesses or secular organizations, we don’t do altar calls or sing “Just As I Am” 300 times until someone comes forward.  We don’t hide who we are, but we know that there are times where we’re there to just be the entertainment — and that’s OK with us, too.  No matter what, though, we never compromise on doing squeaky-clean entertainment.

If you’re curious about this, or would like to have a fuller dialog about what Sharing Life means to us, drop us a line.  We’d love to have that conversation with you!